Of all the operating systems for smart phones, Android is far ahead in the race in market share. Consider some cold statistics which are related to the final quarter of 2016, figures for which are last available. Android it is seen leaves others like IOS and Windows far behind. Of the 432 million smart phones sold in this period, 352 million or a staggering 81.7% ran on Android while 77 million or 17.9% on IOS. The rest of the negligible remaining pie was carved out by the remaining players.

It is therefore not surprising that Google releases regular updates and newer versions of Android at regular intervals to keep ahead in the race. All these are based on latest technological innovations that make for a more novel and user friendly operating system. Our blog site androidgoogle.net is dedicated exclusive to readers who would want to know more about this cutting edge operating system, regardless of whether they own an Android driven smart phone or not.

However we do understand the enormity of our task in hand. There are so many facets to Android. First are the many features that are being updated and improved upon at periodical intervals. Next is the feedback of the users of smart phones that have the latest features in them.

This is the reason why we invite write-ups from bloggers who have in-depth knowledge of Android and are always aware of the latest innovations being introduced by Google. You need not be a tech wizard to write on this topic. What we want is blogs that unravel the many features of Android and take readers through the intricacies in simple layman’s language. This will be of immense help to visitors to our blog site.

A few suggestions will make the task easier for first time writers to our site. You can start with existing features of an older version of Android and then gradually go on to the improvements made in subsequent versions. You can elaborate on the special video effects that can be created in a smart phone that runs on Android. Or you can even touch upon the latest v8.0 Play Store that permits users to quickly know what’s new in an app update.

These and many more topics can be thought of when you start writing on Android. We accept all blogs for publication on our site so long as it is related to this niche.