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Before going into the latest news from the Android world, a few statistics make for some interesting reading. These figures are related to the last quarter of 2016, data that is last available on records.

Of the 432 million smart phones sold in the last quarter, 352 million or 81.7% ran Android and 77 million or 17.9% ran on IOS. Given this scenario, it is not surprising that Google through updates and new technological innovations goes all out to retain its market leadership of operating systems in the smart phone sector.


Here is some Tech (Android) latest news that is trending today.

Panic Detection Feature in Android – The growing trend of malware and cyber attacks that is crippling networks and smart phone operating systems the world over has led Google to come up with a solution that prevents such activity. A new feature called “Panic Detection” will be built into the Android 7.1 Nougat version that will permit users to immediately exit a malicious app once it is noticed. This works exactly as its name suggests. Once a user realises that a link to a malicious app has been inadvertently clicked or an unusual activity is noticed, just activating this button will shut down the activity.

The panic button has to be tapped four times to make it work. As soon as this feature is triggered all running apps will be stopped automatically. In cases where the rogue app is preventing you from exiting it or shutting it down, this Panic Detection feature in Android will override the app and bring your smart phone back to the home screen.

Save pages on Android for off-line viewing – Many a time while surfing the web, you have interesting articles and pages popping up but you do not have the time to read them right away. This is when saving the pages for offline reading later becomes a necessity. This off-line viewing mode has now been added by Google to the Chrome browser. It allows you to save the entire webpage for later viewing on your Android smart phone.

The process too is very simple. Once the web page that you want to save comes up, tap on the three dots on the top right hand corner and again tap the download icon on the drop down menu. The page will be saved to be read off line at your convenience.

These and many more conveniences are available on smart phones run on Google Android operating systems.

Finally some data to interest you – Android Nougat adoption has picked up pace and is now installed on 11.5% active devices.

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